What is Oculoplastic Surgery?

Oculoplastics, or oculoplastic surgery, encompasses both reconstructive and plastic surgery procedures for the area on and around the eyes, including the orbit of the eye, eyelids and tear ducts. This area of ophthalmology requires an ophthalmologist to have additional years of specialized training in order to treat this delicate area, and the structures that are associated with it, so that both vision quality and facial appearance is preserved and enhanced.

Dr Kyprianou is currently the leading and most highly trained oculoplastic surgeon in Cyprus providing a range of services to manage conditions affecting the:

Eyelids Eyebrows Mid-face Orbits Tear drainage system

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Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures is any of a number of surgical procedures designed to improve the appearance of your eyes, primarily to reduce signs of aging. In most cases, the surgery is performed on the eyelids and/or surrounding tissues, not the eyes.

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Functional Procedures

Surgeries to treat a watery, sticky eye caused by narrowing or blockage of the tear drainage tubes, which run from the inner corner of the eye into the tear sac and then down into the nose. Watering eyes are a common problem, particularly in older people.

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A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye, causing vision loss that cannot be corrected with glasses, contact lenses or corneal refractive surgery like LASIK. Modern cataract surgery is one of the safest and most effective surgical procedures performed today.

Things to Know Before Oculoplastic Surgery